Add-on performance and function

Add-on performance and function

Here you'll find out all about how to customise your bike with a variety of bike accessories.

Bike Accessories

Bike accessories are the chance for you to personalise your bike and make it your own unique ride. Adding on extras whether they are intended to enhance speed, protection, or comfort can bring your bike to life aesthetically as well as performance-wise.

When adding any accessory to your bike, you should be thinking about how it affects your riding. The last thing you want is to weigh down your bike or make it less resistant to wind – keep performance in mind.

This Cycling Buying Guide will introduce you to a variety of bike accessories that can improve the look and performance of your bike.


There are different types of bags that you can buy so that you can carry essential items on your ride. There are a variety of bags that you can get to do this, all of which meet different needs of the cyclist.

Backpacks and Kitbags

For the times when you are cycling and need to carry things that won’t fit on your bike or in a saddle bag, a backpack or kitbag is a perfect alternative. Whether you have spare clothes for the end of your ride or an extra cycling jersey or jacket in case the temperature takes a turn for the worse, you can be well prepared with no discomfort.

Saddle Bags

Saddle Bags can be a useful addition to your bike, helping you to easily store energy gels, bike tools and emergency supplies. A useful thing to look at is the size of the saddle bag, do you want it to fit discreetly underneath your saddle? Or do you need it to be big enough to pack certain items? Saddle bags come in all sorts of varieties, shapes and sizes, so have a look around, and pick the one that suits you.

Bike Lights

It is essential that you keep yourself visible at all times when riding your bike, especially in the dark when the evenings draw in towards and throughout Winter. As well as stocking up on high visibility clothing, attaching lights to your bike is vital too – perhaps the most important bike accessory around.

Making sure that others can see you when cycling to avoid incidents is one characteristic of bike lights , but with the right brand and model, you can also use them to see where you are going.

Bike Locks

Unfortunately we live in a world where our bikes are not safe, but rest assured because here at ProBikeKit we have a selection of bike locks available to keep your bikes secure and protected from thieves.

Cable locks are very flexible meaning that you can loop them around your bike with ease. They are generally not as heavy as others such as the D-lock, therefore they are easy to transport around however not as reliable.

A D-lock is the most secure bike lock around. Being heavy-duty, it is very strong and difficult to destroy, providing your bike with optimum security.

The best way to lock up your bike is by sliding the lock around the wheel, frame and the locking rack. 


Staying hydrated on long rides is a must, but choosing which cycling bottle or hydration pack to buy is a tough decision! With so many styles and sizes to choose from, you may be wondering what the best option is.

Bottles & Bottle Cages

You can use a cycling bottle to carry water with you on your ride as well as energy drinks to keep you energised whilst you cycle miles on end. And what’s the use in having a bottle without a bottle cage attached to your bike? Choose from a variety of bottle cages that attach to the frame of your bike. Most cyclists in the professional peloton have two cages, one to carry a water bottle and one to carry an energy drink.

To put it simply, opting for a longer water bottle means you can store more liquid – handy on a hot summer’s day and for when you’re cycling for over an hour. A smaller bottle is more lightweight, so would be ideal for a shorter, faster ride.

Hydration Packs

For rides that last longer than usual, a hydration pack may be of better use than a standard water bottle. These backpacks contain a water ‘reservoir’ that can hold capacities of anywhere between 2 and 3 litres on average - you can get much larger ones if needed.

Bike Transportation

When it comes to transporting your bike, whether it be a few miles in your car down the road or travelling overseas, there are many options of bike bike bags & transport that you can choose from to ensure that your bike arrives at your destination safely.

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