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Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS Cycling Computer

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265,99 €

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Few brands are as synonymous in cycling tech as Garmin. As you would expect, from their top-of-the-range model, the Edge 1030 Plus is crammed with the most up to date technology and features. With its crisp touchscreen display, long battery life, and superb navigation, this cycling computer is as equally suited to long bikepacking adventures, as it is training and racing in all weather.

Screen Clarity

Before we delve into the device itself, its most striking feature is the physical size of it. Boasting an 89mm touchscreen display and weighing 124g, the Edge 1030 Plus is certainly a cycling computer that stands out. The benefit of the screen’s size is that it’s easy to read in varying levels of light and is responsive to swipes, even in winter gloves. So whether you’re training before the sun rises or touring on the brightest summer days, you’ll easily be able to flick between data screens and maps.

The screen’s size allows you to clearly display up to ten data fields per page and detailed maps, without the need to squint. With access to Garmin’s Connect IQ app store, there’s seemingly endless options for customisable screens. Whether you’re a minimalist or data junky, you’ll be able to tailor your screens to suit your particular need.

Big Package, Big Tech

As you would expect, from the largest and most expensive computer in the Garmin range, the Edge 1030 Plus is chocked full of tech. It is — of course — Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, so you can pair your device with heartrate monitors, power meters, turbo trainers, and electronic groupsets. Additionally, this top-tier model also offers WiFi connectivity; making it seamless to sync your routes and rides from the computer (and vice versa).

Safety First

Garmin have incorporated a number of safety features into this model. Paired with your phone, you can allow your riding buddies and loved ones to track your progress live. With Incident Detection enabled — should the worst happen — the device can automatically send your location to a designated person. You can also receive text and call notifications on the go, so you needn’t miss a message from home.

Through the navigation software, you can also receive alerts for approaching hazards, such as steep descents or particularly sharp turns.


From a navigation perspective, this powerful device offers detailed maps, turn-by-turn navigation, off-course calculations, and auto-route creation. All of these features combined, make it ideal for exploring new roads and trails.

When using navigation you’ll have access to Garmin’s ClimbPro feature. This handily displays live information on any hill you happen to be on, including the length, gradient, and — crucially — how much longer there is to the top! You’ll also be able to see when the next hill is approaching and how many remain.

Data All Day Long

Importantly, for a device intended for adventures, the Edge 1030 Plus offers 24-hours of ride time when fully charged. Attach Garmin’s Charge powerpack and it’ll go 48-hours between charges. All this means it’s suitable for bikepacking and any long distance riding.

Product Features

  • 89mm full-colour touchscreen display
  • Fully customisable display
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible
  • GPS capable
  • Detailed maps with turn-by-turn navigation and off-course calculations
  • Suggests rides and workouts based on your current training load.
  • Compatible with heart rate monitors, power meters, turbo trainers, and electronic groupsets
  • Pair your phone and receive text and call notifications on the go
  • USB-rechargeable
  • 48-hours of ride time on a full charge when paired with a Garmin Charge power pack
  • Weighs 124 grams
  • In the Box: Edge® 1030 Plus, Mounts (standard and flush out-front), USB cable, Tether, Manuals
  • Pre-loaded with UK and EU maps
  • Edge
  • Rennrad
  • Garmin

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